At the Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law (AGL), we are striving towards and committed to preparing students to gain access to careers that lead to economic and social mobility by ensuring that 100% of AGL students:

  • Achieve their best possible outcome for graduation, i.e., advanced regents diploma, regents diploma (especially for students with disabilities), earning college credits while in high school, etc.
  • Enroll and graduate from college, or
  • Enter a training program that will lead to an industry credential, or
  • Obtain job placement with an organization/company where students can grow within the organization and be financially stable.

We will achieve this by:

  • Engaging students in a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and Advanced Placement Course Standards.
  • Developing students social and emotionally by giving them opportunities to practice essential core skills (effective communication, collaboration/teamwork, critical thinking/problem solving strategies, independence and resilience) that will prepare them to be successful in any setting by engaging them in a variety of experiences
  • Offering students a variety of in school and out of school extra-curricular activities.
  • Building a college and career school culture through learning about college and the college application process beginning in 9th grade, college visits, attending college fairs, college lab course, parent workshops, and being exposed to law themed and other career paths through partnerships.
  • Providing counseling, academic support and advisement, small group workshops, behavioral supports and other interventions to support all students.

At The Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law, we are planting the seeds for future success.